BEAT FREAKS on the Red Carpet!

May 4th, 2010

Dang, who are those incredible ladies?   Silly me… it’s The BEAT FREAKS!

This amazing all-female dance crew (America’s Best Dance Crew anyone?) are all B-GIRL family and joined us on the Red Carpet…

We’re so excited that Alison Faulk has returned after spending the year choreographing PINK’s latest world tour!  Alison is a founding member of the Beat Freaks and a choreographer in B-GIRL — she is responsible for the *steamy* salsa scene!

It’s a beautiful day in LA, much love to all!
Xo Emily
Beat Freaks BGIRL Shirts2WM

Dance & Hollywood

March 3rd, 2010

It’s a great time to be in hip hop and in Hollywood – the creativity, skill and attention to the dance is like never before.  New people are seeing breaking for the first time on TV and in the movies and it is gaining respect as the legitimate art form that it is.  It’s also a time of unparalleled creativity – cutting-edge choreographers are pushing the limits of the mainstream definition of ‘hip hop’ – being emotional, telling a story – but also being rooted to the history and the cypher.

But with great power comes great responsibility…
We’ve got to make sure representations are accurate and artists are united.  Hear thoughts on this Lady Jules and the Beat Freaks; Legacy, Kathryn and Ellenore from So You Think You Can Dance; Jon Chu, Director of Step Up 2 and 3D; the stars of B-GIRL and more, all from the B-GIRL Red Carpet!

Speaking of Hollywood… BIG NEWS!! Our amazing choreographer Flipz (Ivan “Flipz” Velez) will be performing at the OSCARS on Sunday, March 7th. Tune in, TiVo, turn off the phone because Oscars ain’t never seen nothin’ like Flipz.  (Scorsese, from the front row: “that guy! I’m gonna make that guy a star!”)

Xo, Emily