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November 15th, 2011

‘allo friends –

While love for the OG will never fade (BGIRL-4-eva!) as we kick into high gear on the next film BATTLE, I hope that all friends, fans & family will look for updates on filming and crazy stories on surviving Hollywood on the TwoCamelsFilms blog

For instance…
[this is what the boys down in advertising call a "teaser" - Check-eroo another hollywood lesson learned!]

We’re sponsored by Microsoft!  Yes, the good people at Microsoft have chosen us as a women-owned business profiled in their new initiative.
(ha ha ha… Movies?  a “business”???  suckas!!)

Oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t say that, my new corporate overlords could be listening.  We love Microsoft!  Yay Yay!
Honestly  folks – this is an honor and a privilege and we are incredibly grateful.  Read all about it HERE.

Does this mean now I’m a friend of Bill?

Come with me… To the other side…. To the other blog
It’ll be fun, I promise.
- Em

Flipz talks about The SESSIONS DVD

May 26th, 2011

Ivan “FLIPZ” Velez  - world-renowned b-boy, member of Skill Methodz Crew, star of stage & screen, CHOREOGRAPHER of B-GIRL and now ACTION MOVIE STAR of the BATTLE PROMO -
(And did I mention funny, charming, goofy, super smart, damn fine lookin’ and one of our best friends ???  whew!)

Flipz talks about The B-GIRL SESSIONS DVD – the instructional/bonus DVD for true dance fans!

On a personal note, friends – this guy is amazing.  Skill, professionalism and friendship without equal, he raises the game wherever he goes and we could never have made B-GIRL without him. Watch for Ivan “Flipz” Velez at a movie theater/stage/video store/internet/world domination near you!

Tons of love,
x Emily D.

ps – check out this great article about him!


February 1st, 2011

Sorry for the radio silence, but we’ve been down in the lab cooking-up cinematic craziness!

Yes, the next chapter is ACTION MOVIES.  Or specifically, what would happen if a b-boy had to defend himself in a fight?  It’d be pretty cool, right?  Seriously.
That is the question that’s driving us these days — writing, testing stunt choreography, playing with new cameras, hanging with homies and more.  It’s the next evolution of this story and of us as filmmakers, hopefully our friends can join on the journey!

What do you think?  The work is in progress, marinating, stewing… (Mmmm, Stew…)

Keep an eye tuned for new developments. Thanks so much to our incredibly talented friends & new friends who helped make the “BATTLE” teaser happen.
Two days in a decommissioned Prison in San Pedro, 20 former gang-members and prisoners, incredible stunt team, two cameras, homemade shanks, my sister and I trying to wrestle it all from the brink of chaos and Flipz the incredible b-boy-turned-action-hero!

[BTW, some craaazy stories came out of this shoot, hit me up sometime to hear it all!]

Mucho kick-ass love,
xx Emily

BGIRL Headlines LA Femme Film Fest in Hollywood

October 13th, 2010

Anyone in LA this weekend? Hello?
[hello... hello... hello.... sound of crickets...]

B-GIRL is headlining the LA Femme Film Festival in Los Angeles this weekend, screening Saturday night (10/17) at 8pm at the Renberg Theater in West Hollywood, with after-party at LA Vida Nightclub & Lounge in Hollywood.
LAfemme Logo

Our Star, Jules “Lady Jules” Urich will be at the screening for Q&A, as well as filmmakers Emily & Elizabeth Dell.  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here.

** RSVP Required for after-party. Email rsvp@bgirlmovie.com

Come join the fun, we’ll post pictures after the big event!

Xo, Emily

Lady Jules talks about THE SESSIONS DVD

October 7th, 2010

Extra, EXTRA!!  Straight from the Star!
We caught up with Lady Jules to get her exclusive take on The SESSIONS DVD – how it’s unique, fun and perfect for dancers!

(Who am I kidding — she’s like my best friend!  We were kicking it recently and I was like “What do you think about the DVD? Can I film it?” and she was like “Awesome!”  And I was like “Great, can you sit on your rad red couch?” And she was like “Sure!” … And sometimes that is just how life works in Hollywood.  [Sigh] aren’t movies glamourous?)

Hee he!
Xo, Emily D.